Monday, May 5, 2008

Response Point - Cordless Headsets

in a recent email -

We are still watching and waiting for the cordless phones. Do you have any further information regarding the release date?

As another option, is there a cordless headset solution that we could use that would work with this phone systems and you could also use for listening to audio on your computer (music, etc) that would switch to the phone when receiving a call? In our office employees listening to music etc use headphones and I thought it would be nice if we had something that would work for this as well as receiving calls as well as solve the wireless dilemma. Might be a long shot but I thought I would ask.

To which I replied -

Ask and ye shall receive. When you asked about the combination telephone/computer headset I thought you were nuts. Then I figured, like you said, you may as well ask – which told me I should check it out.

I found 2 choices from HelloDirect. They have a model 9350 which connects to both the phone and the computer, has a remote lifter/answerer and automatically switches from computer to phone. Price for this is $297. What this does not have is STEREO capability – it is just one earpiece. If you want stereo, you get 2 items – part # 13389 which is the 2 earpiece headset with remote lifter/answerer plus something called the media package for $100. With this combination you have to manually switch between computer and telephone. These sound pretty cool, if you ask me.

Still no cordless phone option built in to a Response Point System. Aastra is supposed to have one when they bring their product out – no firm date yet – but I believe I have heard ‘the summer’. Syspine is supposed to be working on a cordless option and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dlink is too.


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SBSorized Dale said...

If Response Point ports to a softphone on the PC itself than this would open up many hands-free opportunities.

My current favorite for using with Skype is a Bluetooth headset paired with a Bluetooth USB dongle. With the latest Bluetooth specification, 2.0, and Class 1 device you can get great responsiveness and decent coverage as you walk around your office.

As with things that you wear, ergonomics plays huge into finding something that you will like. I've personally enjoyed Jabra, but the headsets kept failing to the point I gave up after my 8'th one. Others have their preferences so I say find something that has the specifications and give it a try. There are lots of prices and styles to pick from.