Thursday, July 17, 2008

This blog is also moving

Just figured it was about time to change this blog. It turns out it is VERY easy to create a blog at and then import from the Google blogs. So, unless I change my mind, this will be the last post here. The AMCC blog will now be found at Update your shortcuts or reader accordingly if you want.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Response Point Truck Event

AMCC had our first Microsoft Across American Truck Event featuring the Response Point telephone system. Thanks to the Truck Event people and the Event in a box people for their help. Also, thank you to NGT (SIP Trunking partner for the Response Point system) and Dean Rainone for their help and support, also thank you to Mark Creamer who assisted me in this event.

We were able to demonstrate both the Syspine Response Point system that is installed on the Truck as well as my Aastra Response Point system that was supplied by Aastra. When I entered the truck the first time to try out the Syspine system I found that there was no communication between the network pc and the Response Point system. Seems they were on different networks. Since Mike, the MS Truck technician, doesn't normally work on this particular truck, he had to contact someone else to find out how to reconfigure the network devices. They got it working by halfway through the morning event. Once they got it working I noted that they were running v1, not SP1. We had my Aastra system working from the get-go.

You can see a few snapshots here.

We set our Aastra system up outside the truck. Earlier in the week we had tried, with NGT's support, to configure an Edgemarc router to work with our Linksys Router/Sprint Aircard. I finally called the exercise off because I was running out of time. NGT has succeeded in using an Aircard with the Edgemarc and said that what we were running into was that we were 'double nat'ing' and that wasn't really suppported. I figured we could just talk about the SIP service and not worry about actually doing it. Since we did have internet access for our laptop, via the aircard/router - I was able to get dial-tone with our MAJICJACK - a pretty cool little device.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Response Point SP1 available (really)

Response Point Service Pack 1 is really available for download. The Microsoft Downloads web site has it on line. Also, it appears that there are OEM specific firmwares that you may need and have to get from the manufacturers' web sites.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Response Point Truck Event - FREE

We (AMCC) are going to be doing the FIRST PUBLIC Response Point demonstration in Cincinnati on Tuesday, July 15 from 8 am to 12 noon at 4555 Lake Forest Drive in Blue Ash with the Microsoft Across America Truck.

If you are in the area please consider attending and feel free to pass this invitation along to your friends. You can register at Event Code 129354.

A representative from NGT, a SIP Trunking provider that is partnering with Microsoft on the Response Point product, will also be on site and available to answer your VOIP service questions. NGT has generously donated a $400 Edgemarc device which will be offered as a promotion for some lucky new customer.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Old Hard Drive

Here is how we decommission non-sensitive hard drives at AMCC. And it sure feels good after a couple whacks!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Response Point SP1 RTM'ed today

from Response Point Team Blog

When we started RP, our vision was simple: to provide a telephony solution so easy to use that every small business customer can set it up like connecting
When we started RP, our vision was simple: to provide a telephony solution so easy to use that every small business customer can set it up like connecting a printer to the PC. Today, we are moving one step closer to realize our vision by releasing to manufacturing Response Point Service Pack 1. Our OEM partners will bring SP1 to market next month.

SP1 not only improved RP 1.0's performance/quality but also added some very cool features such as VOIP gateway, Click to Call, and Call Presence etc. Never before was PBX this easy to manage.

I'd love to get your feedback as you upgrade to SP1 in the coming weeks. We'd love to incorporate your feedback into RP 2.0, which we have started working on.

Published Friday, June 20, 2008 8:50 PM by Xuedong David Huang

Friday, June 13, 2008

Aastra Response Point - 3rd Party Headset

Since I am now using the Aastra Response Point system I figured I would connect my Jabra T5330 cordless headset - that I hadn't been using since switching to the Aastra system. This headset base can connect to the phone two different ways - depending on what the phone supports. The most universal (are there different degress of universal? I don't think so) way is putting the headset in series in between the telephone base and the telephone handset. This is the way I used the headset with Syspine phone.

The Aastra phone has a headset jack on the underside of the phone. This makes it possible to just connect the headset to the telephone base unit independent of the telephone handset cord. When I tried the headset connected this way I was not able to get any dialtone. After hunting around I finally noticed that the Speaker button on the telephone base really said Speaker/Headset! Gee, this looks relevant. Anyway, I am on a conference call now, using the headset, and do not have to have the telephone handset 'offhook' to be able to have the call. The red light by the Speaker/Headset button that is on solid when I use the speakerphone is blinking red to indicate I am on the headset. FWIW.