Thursday, February 28, 2008

Response Point - Software Usability Engineering

This evening I had a new (for me) experience. George, from Microsoft, and a colleague of his who I feel bad because I didn't get her name, did a LiveMeeting session with me where I got to try out the new firmware upgrade function for the Response Point Administrator program. I can't believe it, after all these years I finally got to put in my 2 cents. No really, I am really up on the Response Point Telephone system and if I can do something to contribute to the value of the product, I am happy to do so.
Now I just wish I could have been involved in the software usability studies that were done on the Microsoft Office Word/Exel menu ribbons or whatever they call them. I hope there are some out there that have really benefitted from the 2007 redesign but I can tell you - I am not one of them.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Response Point - Customer Demonstration

Thanks to Darren Sargent, another Response Point dealer, who invented this handy setup for doing on-site customer demonstrations of the Response Point telephone system. Darren was kind enough to publicize his creation and being no dummy, I immediately plagiarized it. The mounting board holds the Response Point system unit, a power strip, router and 3 Response Point telephones. This setup makes it easy to show a customer just about any feature of the system. The laptop lets the customer see the Administrator and the Assitant user interfaces and if there is a telephone jack nearby (like for the office fax machine) you can even demonstrate the outside callers' experience.

For more information - click here.
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Better Business Bureau

You know, several years ago I joined the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau. I haven't thought too much about it along the way - other than the once each year that I pay the bill to renew my membership. Today, for some unknown reason, I happened to log into the BBB website members' area. In browsing around I found that people actually do reference this information. I have a BBB logo link on my home page and the BBB collects statistics on how many people click on MY WEB SITE LINK! It looks like someone is using this (I presume it's not the BBB employees or some bot of theirs trying to run up the stats)